Novbember 7, 2020

DMR-R-US was a vision we had, to provide low cost DMR radios to the amateur community in Canada using Canadian pricing.

We believed that the demand was there, and that it would be a simple process to import these radios into Canada.  Unfortunataly
we were wrong on both accounts.

The demand has not met our basic threashold to allow us to continue to operate the store, and the costs to import the radios just keeps
esclating beyond anything we could have imagined, budgeted for or is sustainable by our specialty store.

Therefore we made the very difficult decision to cease sales operations effective October 16, 2020.  We have, over the last week, been in
contact with the manufacturer in China, as well as several dealers, to see what can be done with the existing order.  At the moment, it
would appear that we will be able to return the shipment to China, and obtain a refund from the manufacturer. 

We will be offering full refunds to all customers that have pre-ordered the radios. 

What is required by you?  Please create a profile on this site and follow the instructions in order to register for your refund. 

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